I see something within the world of politics that has bothered me for a while. That is this—People allowing a political party to dictate their lives. Christians especially should be reaching for way more than just the conservative or liberal card on these issues. I am not talking about voting. I’m talking about living.

First and foremost…

To all my Christian family and friends—If you want to merge politics with faith, then please first and foremost use the person of Jesus to do so. Go through every political subject matter and ask yourself some questions. We will all have very different answers to these questions even when about the same issues, but it will at least get us focused on what really matters.

Some questions to ask:
Is this issue consistent with something that Jesus himself dealt with? If yes, what advice do I think Jesus would give to us pertaining how we are currently handling this as a country? What do I think Jesus would stand for on this issue based on those answers? How would Jesus tackle talking about this? Are there underlying problems with this issue that Jesus would also want me to be concerned about? What is Jesus asking me to do or say on a personal level? Is Jesus calling me to educate or be educated on this topic?

Seriously guys—W.W.J.D.

Our answers should not be based on where our political party stands, but on where we stand with Jesus. For example: I will never understand how some people can be so extreme in their pro-life opinions, and then also turn a blind eye to caring about the children at the border. Would Jesus not care deeply for both? I’m not talking about which side you vote on. I’m talking about not letting how you do vote, dictate the genuine cries of your heart. There are things on both sides worth fighting for.

The reality is, Satan wants us to hold so tightly to our political party that we miss being able to invest in other things that matter to Jesus.

Maybe you don’t want to mix Jesus with politics. That’s fine. But Jesus was 100 % a social justice guy. If you don’t believe me, go read the gospels. If you have, then you may need to read them again. It’s imperative that we seek to know who Jesus really was and is during times like these. Maybe that’s our problem though—we all tend to follow a different “Jesus”. It’s inevitable really. We all interpret the Bible differently, hold it to different standards, and create our own version of Jesus based on the biblical context that’s important to us. Not a single one of us will ever fully know all there is to know about God, the Bible, and the person of Jesus.

All I’m asking is that we purposely seek CHRIST above all, and use these political issues as an opportunity to dig deeper into who the person of Jesus really is. Not because any one of us will figure it all out or that we will all come to the same conclusions (we won’t)—But because along the way we get to hold the hand of Jesus, advocate for the hurting, and better understand the one who has power over it all.

Doesn’t that sound inspiring?

Also—When we claim love and unity but only wrap it with politics and our own opinions or agendas, we tend to get it all wrong. But when we wrap it with Christ and His word, THEN we can start making a difference in the lives of those around us while aligning our hearts with movements that matter. So even when we do use faith to form our politics, make sure it’s not the other way around.

Make sure your passion to serve God outweighs your desire to follow politics.

Lastly I’ll say this—If he were here, Jesus would not be a Republican nor would he be a Democrat. Jesus already has his own “party”. It’s called the kingdom of God. It’s wonderful—We are all equal and there’s no such thing as fake news. It’s a place where all people are welcomed, affirmed, loved, and fought for. Something neither political party can say right about now.

So go ahead. Vote for the red or blue, but live for the kingdom.

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