That Day

It was a day in September—the year 2004. I had just graduated high school in June. I was attending a community college and majoring in dance education. Nothing fancy. Just doing what I loved but in a more serious manner. Still living at home in Lowell MA, and wondering where life was about to take […]

How a Shoebox Filled With Small Gifts was Used by God in a Very Big Way

Last year my family and I decided to start organizing an Operation Christmas Child event on a small scale. If you don’t already know what Operation Christmas Child is—it’s an incredible worldwide project and movement that is run by the organization Samaritan’s Purse. Every year in early November, all over the country, groups of people […]

4 Things You Should Be Doing as an Ally to Autistics

April is “autism awareness month”—but unfortunately a lot of what I have seen take place overall, is not creating an awareness for what’s most important. I also prefer the term “autism acceptance”, but I think there’s power when we merge the two together. Here’s what I mean: Acceptance of autistic voices, begins with and hinges […]