Ariana Grande donates money on behalf of mental illness, but where’s the church?

So as you may already know, Ariana Grande just recently donated 5 million dollars to BetterHelp (an online counseling service) as a way to provide a month of free therapy for anyone who needs it. Therapy has been a topic of discussion within my family for years now. My 8 year old son is autistic […]

How a Shoebox Filled With Small Gifts was Used by God in a Very Big Way

Last year my family and I decided to start organizing an Operation Christmas Child event on a small scale. If you don’t already know what Operation Christmas Child is—it’s an incredible worldwide project and movement that is run by the organization Samaritan’s Purse. Every year in early November, all over the country, groups of people […]


I see something within the world of politics that has bothered me for a while. That is this—People allowing a political party to dictate their lives. Christians especially should be reaching for way more than just the conservative or liberal card on these issues. I am not talking about voting. I’m talking about living. First […]


This is one of my writing assignments from a course with Bob Goff. In order to keep the nature of the class exclusive and private, I will not share what my writing prompt was. Enjoy! Two hours, twenty nine minutes, and seventeen seconds. That’s how long it took me to run my first half marathon […]


I have been attending church for 34 years. I was actually “attending church” before I was even born! (Haha) I have never walked away from the church as an organization. Therefore, there was never a time in my life that I wasn’t actively attending an established church… Until now. Soon after COVID-19 forced churches all […]

Wait For It

“When the dove returned to him in the evening, there in its beak was a freshly plucked olive leaf! Then Noah knew that the water had receded from the earth.”‭‭ Genesis‬ ‭8:11 Peace. Hope. Victory. That is what the olive leaf from the story of Noah’s ark symbolizes. When the dove brings back that very […]